About Us


Our mission is to provide an opportunity for high schoolers interested in science and technology to channel their skills into a competitive and rewarding experience. Through hands-on robotics, we hope to encourage career paths in STEM and to spread awareness about the ways in which technology can be applied, regardless of one's age. Overall, the Aluminum Cobblers stand to promote high school level robotics and create a friendly team environment.


The Aluminum Cobblers, Team 5436, is a FIRST Tech Challenge robotics team, based out of Natick High School in Massachusetts. Our

have worked as team to construct a robot entirely from scratch in order to perform the challenges assigned by the FIRST Tech Challenge. Our members attend the Natick High School, and the team is open to all students. On average we meet twice a week for two hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Aluminum Cobblers is composed of a Build Team and Design Team, as well as having leaders to oversee the team in addition to their design or building roles.


The Aluminum Cobblers understands the significance of introducing STEM topics to people of all ages. That's why every Thursday during the competition season, several of our members visit Kennedy Middle School, also in Natick. There, the members meet with a group of middle schoolers interested in robotics to act as mentors. This not only teaches basic robotics to the middle school students, but also encourages the continuation of robotics into high school.